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About the Medical Reserve Corps Program

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program is the national office of the MRC and is housed within the Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) Partner Readiness and Emergency Programs (PREP) Division, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The MRC Program supports the MRC network by providing technical assistance, coordination, communications, strategy and policy development, grants and contract oversight, training and other associated services. It functions as a clearinghouse for information and best practices to help communities establish, implement, and maintain MRC units in order to achieve their local visions for public health and emergency preparedness.

The MRC Program also oversees the 10 MRC Regional Liaisons that represent the 10 MRC regions across the United States and its territories. Please visit our MRC Regional Liaisons page for more information.

MRC Program Office Staff

Acting Director
Esmeralda Pereira
Ms. Pereira is responsible for overseeing the establishment, implementation, and coordination of MRC units in communities nationwide. View Bio

Deputy Director
Skip Payne, M.S.P.H., REHS/RS, CPH, CHEP
Commander, U.S. Public Health Service
CDR Payne is responsible for supporting all operational components of the MRC network by providing logistical and technical support as needed. View Bio

Executive Officer
Patrick M. Denis, M.B.A., B.S.N., R.N., CHEP
Captain, U.S. Public Health Service
CAPT Denis oversees internal operations in support of MRC units nationwide. View Bio

Program Officer
Christina L. Kirby, PharmD
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Public Health Service
LCDR Kirby is responsible for providing operational support to the MRC Program. View Bio

Program Officer
Katie Hager, RN
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Public Health Service
LCDR Hager supports internal and external operations in support of MRC units nationwide. View Bio

Communications Specialist
Brennan Leddy, M.A.Ed. (Ctr)
Ms. Leddy supports national communications efforts and initiatives for the MRC program. View Bio

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