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MRC Network Well Check Webinars

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  • How to Access the Audio Portion of the Webinar
  • How to Access the Online Portion of the Webinar
  • Archived Well Check Webinars
    • 2019 Webinars
      • January 2019: Best Practices for Incorporating Nursing Students into MRC Units
      • February 2019: Supporting At-Risk Individuals During Preparedness and Response Efforts
      • March 2019: Best Practices for Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
      • April 2019: 2019 MRC Program Recognition Awards
      • May 2019: Looking Ahead - MRC Program Priorities
      • June 2019: Best Practices: Points of Dispensing (PODs), Mass Vaccinations, and other Mass Distribution Efforts
      • July 2019: Best Practices: Establishing Community Partnerships
      • August 2019: MRC Involvement in Sheltering Operations
      • September 2019: Best Practices in Volunteer Training Plans
      • October 2019: Managing Spontaneous Medical Volunteers During Disasters
About the MRC Network Well Check Webinars

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program Office is pleased to host monthly MRC Network Well Check Webinars. These monthly interactive webinars are intended to provide MRC unit leaders and State Coordinators with information on a wide variety of topics, largely determined by your interests and needs. Through these ongoing wellness check-ups of the MRC network, you will be provided a platform to connect, share, and learn with your peers and leadership. The MRC Program Office and your Regional Liaison will regularly seek your input on topics of interest, including review of listserv conversations, unit leader questions, social media pages, activity reports, etc. to identify subjects, noteworthy activities, or areas of concern to the MRC network. Because of your subject matter expertise, some of you will also be asked to serve as presenters. The network is yours, and the MRC Program Office will work tirelessly to support you with success stories, proven resources, and lessons learned to help your units thrive. These check-ups will allow us to have an interactive discussion about the wellness of our organization, ways to prevent issues, overcome challenges, and strengthen our network.

These MRC Network Well Check Webinars are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month at 2:00 pm ET. Please save the future dates on your calendars. They will be about 60 minutes long and primarily focused on a specified topic, with a Q & A period and highlights from the field to be incorporated into most webinars.

Join us for the next MRC Well Check Webinar on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at 2:00 pm ET.

How to Access the Audio Portion of the Webinar

Please note that this is a Broadcast Audio call. Please use your computer speakers for audio.

How to Access the Online Portion of the Webinar

To join the MRC Network Well Check Webinar online, please follow the steps below. Please note we are using Adobe Connect as a webinar platform. To test your computer for compatibility prior to the meeting, go to

    1. Visit Well Check Webinar Login Page to join the web conference.
    2. Select "Enter as a Guest."
    3. Type your name in the box provided and click "Enter Room."

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