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Fiscal Year 2019 MRC Highlights

National Network Summary

In Fiscal Year 2019, MRC units nationwide participated in 15,506 activities, contributing nearly 350,000 service hours. These activities had significant local impact: 447 responses to local emergencies; 8,182 activities in which MRC members strengthened the local public health system; 4,928 activities that served an at-risk/vulnerable population; 6,030 activities that supported non-emergency community events; 9,947 activities that developed or strengthened the MRC unit; 8,747 activities that improved community preparedness or resilience; and 5,846 activities that trained or exercised MRC members to improve individual, unit, or community response capability and capacity. Key MRC preparedness and response activities included:

  • Hurricanes: MRC units in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia responded to Hurricane Dorian
  • Wildfires: MRC units in Northern and Southern California dedicated nearly 10,000 service hours to wildfire response efforts across the state
  • Tornadoes: Volunteers in Alabama and Mississippi devoted more than 2,000 hours responding to tornadoes in local and neighboring communities. Ohio volunteers also served more than 400 hours to tornado response in May and June 2019
  • Flooding: Over the course of 2019, MRC units responded to flooding emergencies by volunteering nearly 5,000 hours
  • Winter storms: From January to March 2019, MRC members across the country volunteered more than 3,000 hours in response to emergencies caused by winter storms and severe winter weather
  • Preparing communities: During National Stop the Bleed Month in May 2019, more than 50 MRC units across the country participated in or led Stop the Bleed training events in their communities. Stop the Bleed is a national initiative that encourages the general public to become trained and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives

For a more detailed look at the MRC network's 2019 responses and accomplishments, check out the Fiscal Year 2019 MRC Network Highlights.

U.S. State and Territory Highlights

Below are tailored handouts that highlight the MRC's presence and activities in each U.S. state and territory during Fiscal Year 2019. 

Alabama Iowa New Jersey Virginia
Alaska Kansas New Mexico Washington
Arizona Kentucky New York West Virginia
Arkansas Louisiana North Carolina Wisconsin
California Maine North Dakota Wyoming
Colorado Maryland Ohio
Connecticut Massachusetts Oklahoma Territories
District of Columbia Michigan Oregon American Samoa
Delaware Minnesota Pennsylvania Federated States of Micronesia
Florida Mississippi Rhode Island Guam
Georgia Missouri South Carolina Marshall Islands
Hawaii Montana Tennessee
Northern Mariana Islands
Idaho Nebraska Texas
Puerto Rico
Illinois Nevada Utah
Indiana New Hampshire Vermont











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