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Total Number of Volunteer Hours

To calculate the total number of MRC volunteer hours, use the economic value calculator to enter the number of hours, which will automatically populate the number on the report form. Calculate the number of hours served by the MRC volunteers in your unit only. Do not count the hours served by paid staff. If, however, paid staff donated those hours and are not getting compensated for their time, you may add those hours. We recommend using the professional categorizations to calculate volunteer hours only when volunteers have worked in their clinical capacity for the event.


  1. Seventeen MRC volunteers who are Registered Nurses, plus the unit coordinator as paid staff, worked a population monitoring center following a radiation release for a total of 10 hours doing first responder well checks.
    • Total Hours: 170 hours in the Registered Nurse designation (17 volunteers X 10 hours; do not count unit coordinator who was there as part of paid duties)

  2. The MRC unit provided two volunteers (one Veterinarian and one non-medical) per shift at the animal shelter following a tornado for a total of two 7-hour shifts.
    • Total Hours: 7 hours in the Veterinarian designation (1 Veterinarian volunteer X 7 hours) and 7 hours in the Non-Public Health/Non-Medical designation (1 non-medical volunteer X 7 hours)

  3. The MRC unit coordinator, who is a Clinical Social Worker, was requested to serve in the Local Emergency Operations Center as a local volunteer coordinator for a 12-hour shift; the shift was completed outside of his or her paid duties.
    • Total Hours: 12 hours in the Non-Public Health/Non-Medical designation (1 non-medical volunteer X 12 hours) since the volunteer was not working in their clinical capacity

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