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Subjective Evaluations

Subjective questions and statements have been added to the emergency response incident reporting module to assist your evaluation of the MRC unit’s response. You should use the subjective evaluations as a jumping off point to gauge what went well, what needs to be improved upon, and how the MRC unit can address those issues. The evaluations are 100 percent subjective based upon your thoughts, experience, and understanding of the MRC unit and the response to the incident. There is no wrong or right answer. Evaluate the unit and the response using the 1–5 Likert scale. One is the weakest score, and 5 is the strongest.


  1. During a mass dispensing operations, the Incident Command System (ICS) was utilized by the local health department to manage the situation. Most of the MRC volunteers had received the appropriate ICS training, but there were a few who were confused and lost in the management structure.
    • ICS Appropriately Used Response: 4

  2. Following a winter snow storm, emergency management requested 10 volunteers to assist with disaster mental health in a shelter. Due to poor communication and the weather, the request could not be filled for several operational shifts.
    • Timeliness of the Response: 1

  3. MRC volunteers assisted a local hospital following a medical surge event. All MRC volunteers had their licenses verified and had background checks completed, which allowed the volunteers to be utilized quickly and efficiently in the hospital. The volunteers and hospital employees had attended various preparedness trainings together, so they all worked very well together.
    • Quality of the Response: 5

  4. Twenty MRC volunteers were requested to do population monitoring at a radiological community reception center. The unit was able to fill the request, but only about half of the volunteers had completed the state-offered radiological monitoring training.
    • Adequately Trained Response: 3

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

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