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Requesting Entity

Select which entity or organization requested the activation of volunteers. Please note that this question refers to the entity that requested volunteers and not the entity that activated the volunteers. You can select more than one entity if multiple agencies requested activation of volunteers for the same incident. If the agency that requested volunteers is not listed, select Other and a text box will appear for you to enter the appropriate requesting entity. Only select Other as a last option.


  1. A hospital requested MRC volunteers to assist with a medical surge event.
    • Requesting Entity: Local Hospital

  2. Local emergency management requested MRC volunteers to assist with an active shooter response through the emergency operations center.
    • Requesting Entity: Local Emergency Operations Center

  3. During an outbreak of a new strain of influenza, the local health department, state health department, and local hospital all requested MRC volunteers to serve as vaccinators.
    • Requesting Entity: Local Health Department, State Health Department, and Local Hospital

  4. The American Red Cross requested MRC volunteers to support shelter operations.
    • Requesting Entity: Other—American Red Cross

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:31:43 AM