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Number of MRC Member Participants

To calculate the Total Number of MRC Participants, you will enter the total number of MRC members who participated in this activity from your own unit only, including yourself (the coordinator) if applicable. Please include all MRC staff and volunteers who participated in the activity in this count. We understand many activities you enter on the non-emergency module may be administrative and may only include the coordinator.


  1. The MRC unit coordinator attended an MRC regional planning group meeting and represented the county’s MRC Unit.
    • Total Number: 1 (do not count other MRC unit coordinators at the meeting, because they will be counting themselves in their report)

  2. The MRC unit coordinator and a volunteer attended a conference where other MRC members attended.
    • Total Number: 2

  3. The MRC Unit Coordinator worked to finalize the MRC handbook. Requested feedback from County Emergency Preparedness Planning team.
    • Total Number: 1 (unless any other team member was also part of the MRC unit)

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:53:27 AM