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Impact Category

Use your best judgment to decide which Impact Category is most appropriate for the intended objective or outcome you were trying to achieve with this event. Check all that apply. If there are multiple objectives you were trying to achieve with this event, you may choose additional Impact Categories; however, be selective and think carefully when determining your Impact Category. Ask yourself whether the event intended to achieve that specific outcome.


  1. Potential Events: vaccination, medical screening, dental services, addressing chronic conditions
    • Impact Category: Strengthened Public Health

  2. Potential Events: administrative work, protocol development, partner outreach, meetings, recruitment, conferences
    • Impact Category: Developed/Strengthened MRC Unit

  3. Potential Events: preparedness education, dissemination of materials, family preparedness, community planning
    • Impact Category: Improved Community Preparedness/Resilience

  4. Potential Events: Operation Community Connect, serving homeless shelters, volunteering at hospice centers, assisting food pantries, activities for functional needs population
    • Impact Category: Served a Vulnerable Population

  5. Potential Events: training for volunteers, POD exercises, notification drills, CPR/AED training to the community
    • Impact Category: Trained/Exercised to Improve Unit or Community Response Capacity/Capability

  6. Potential Events: planned community events/fairs, first aid stations, marathons
    • Impact Category: Supported Non-Emergency Community Events

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:48:54 AM