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Event Name

Enter a name for the event you are adding. The name should be concise but descriptive and detailed. The event name should give an indication of the topic or category of the activity in which you participated. This will allow you to search your added activities by keyword.


  1. MRC volunteers provided flu vaccinations and administrative support during a point of distribution (POD) exercise.
    • Event Name: Jackson County Flu Vaccination POD Exercise

  2. MRC volunteers provided medical screenings and non-medical services and connected the homeless to community health centers and access to care.
    • Event Name: Operation Community Connect for the Vulnerable or Homeless Population

  3. Medical professionals from an MRC Unit provided staff support for a first aid station at a local marathon.
    • Event Name: Adams County MRC Volunteers Staff First-Aid Station for the Chicago Marathon

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:47:27 AM