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Calculate the Economic Value of the Activity

The Economic Impact Value of the Activity is a way to assign a dollar value to specific volunteer jobs and tasks associated with different activities. This value will be automatically calculated for you on the report form by multiplying the volunteer hours you entered by the national average rate for non-medical volunteers. We recommend that you distinguish medical professionals from non-medical professionals when they are serving in a clinical capacity during a Non-Emergency/Public Health Event. If all of the volunteers are serving in a non medical capacity during the event, simply add all of the volunteer hours under the “Total Number of Volunteer Hours.” If you have your own economic value calculations (based on either specific local or state calculations), you can enter the value manually in the data field on the module.

Using the economic value calculator, you can calculate the hourly rate and hourly benefit of common health and medical professionals and non-medical volunteers. To use the calculator, simply click on the red calculator icon, then enter the total number of volunteers by profession and the total number of hours served by each profession. If you do not know the professional breakdown of the volunteers, enter all of the data under the Non Public Health/Non-Medical category. Once you enter that information, a subtotal will be automatically calculated and added to the total. You do not have the ability to edit subtotal or total amounts.

You can edit the hourly rate and benefit within the calculator. This may be beneficial if you would like to use your own economic rate information. Once you have added all of the volunteers and the hours served at the event, click on the Submit button and your total will be automatically calculated and added to your report.

Once you enter values into the calculator and click Submit, this data will be saved. If at any point you need to edit or add to the economic value of your activity, you may click on the calculator and those professional categories and values will be populated for editing.

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:56:02 AM