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Description and Impact Statement

Write a clear and concise description of the event. Include details such as what occurred, which types of agencies were present, what made it noteworthy, and why the event was important or significant for your unit to conduct. Be as concise as possible while being interesting! Remember that the information you provide is helpful to MRC Program to showcase the MRC as well as to the general public who may be reading your unit activities.


  1. MRC volunteers provided blood pressure screenings at the local community health fair, which was sponsored by the health department and targeted a low socioeconomic population. Over 40 screenings were completed and several had high blood pressure. The event provided an opportunity for the MRC unit to recruit additional members and promote the unit. Many attendees were referred onto their physician for additional treatment.

  2. The MRC unit leader met with representatives from the American Red Cross, Emergency Management, and the faith-based communities to begin planning an upcoming functional needs sheltering exercise. The exercise will include MRC volunteers as participants. The meeting provided the opportunity to strengthen partnerships with response partners. The unit will be better prepared to provide functional needs services at shelters following the exercise.

  3. The MRC unit hosted a CPR, AED, and First Aid training for MRC volunteers and personnel from other community partners throughout the county. In total, we had over 20 participants, which improved our community’s resilience by increasing our county’s numbers of trained residents.

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

9/30/2015 12:14:34 PM