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Mission Selection

Select the mission that is most appropriate for the incident you are adding. You can select all missions that apply to the activity. If the mission that best fits your activity is not listed, you can select Other and a text box will appear for you to enter the mission. Keep the text you enter to a minimum. Only select Other as a last option. If the incident you are adding encompasses multiple missions, consider reporting them as separate incidents.


  1. Mental health MRC volunteers provided Psychological First Aid following an earthquake.
    • Mission Selection: Disaster Behavioral Health

  2. MRC volunteers provided first responder support and assisted efforts during a search-and-rescue incident.
    • Mission Selection: Wellness Checks and Search and Rescue

  3. MRC volunteers sorted and moved tree limbs and other trash following a tornado.
    • Mission Selection: Other—Debris Management

  4. Following a hurricane, MRC volunteers assisted with evacuation; 3 days later volunteers were requested to work in a general shelter.
    • Mission Selection: Enter as two separate incidents—Evacuation and General Shelter Support

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:29:03 AM