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Was this activity an Emergency Response incident or a Non-Emergency Response/Public Health activity ?

The unit activity reporting (UAR) module is separated into two sections depending on whether the reported activity is an Emergency Response Incident or a Non-Emergency /Public Health Event. The Emergency Response side of the reporting module will require you to report different data and information specifically related to the Incident.

For the purposes of the UAR module, an activity should be considered an Emergency Response Incident if MRC volunteers were activated to respond to an all-hazards emergency (i.e. public health, biological, or natural event). Exercises, trainings, community events, and planned activations, even those related to preparedness and response, should be considered a Non-Emergency /Public Health Event.


  1. MRC volunteers were activated to work in a general population shelter following a winter storm.
    • Selection: Emergency Response Incident

  2. Relay For Life requested MRC volunteers to work a first aid tent.
    • Selection: Non-Emergency /Public Health Event

  3. MRC volunteers received training on their emergency response activation protocols and completed a full-scale exercise to test understanding of the protocols.
    • Selection:Non-Emergency /Public Health Event

  4. MRC Unit Coordinator attended a state-sponsored seminar on Emergency Response and Public Health.
    • Selection: Non-Emergency /Public Health Event

  5. During an outbreak of a novel strain of influenza, a public health institution setup a Point of Dispensing site and MRC volunteers served as vaccinators and provided administrative support.
    • Selection: Emergency Response Incident

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

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