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Description and Impact Statement

Write a clear and concise description of the incident. Include details such as what occurred, which types of agencies were present, what made it noteworthy, and why the activity was important or significant for your unit to conduct. Be as concise as possible while being interesting! Remember that the information you provide is helpful to MRC Program to showcase the MRC as well as to the general public who may be reading your unit activities.


  1. The Local County MRC volunteers were activated to respond to a search-and-rescue incident. Local first responders were searching for an elderly woman who was missing from the local retirement home. Local emergency management requested MRC volunteers to provide wellness checks for first responders because it was very hot. Volunteers also acted as searchers. MRC volunteers discovered that two first responders had to receive additional medical attention from heat exhaustion. Eventually, the woman was found unharmed.

  2. Following a devastating tornado, a flood of unaffiliated volunteers arrived onsite. The Local Emergency Operations Center was unsure of how to handle the sudden influx of volunteers and requested MRC volunteers to manage a Volunteer Reception Center. MRC and AmeriCorps volunteers managed an estimated 1,200 unaffiliated volunteers over a 3-week period. The unaffiliated volunteers were able to be used in an appropriate manner and were encouraged to join volunteer groups, like the MRC or CERT, in their own communities.

  3. This spring, our community experienced a severe flood that forced several local families to evacuate their homes for a general population shelter. The floods also ruined several crops, which many families rely on for their income. The American Red Cross had enough volunteers to work in the shelter, but the shelter manager became concerned about the mental well-being of the occupants. Knowing our work with mental health in disasters training, the ARC requested MRC volunteers to work in the shelter. Seven MRC volunteers, all mental health professionals, split shifts over a 2 week period in the shelter and visited with 10 different families. Two families were referred on to receive additional mental health attention.

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

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