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After Action Report

An After Action Report (AAR) following an incident can be beneficial to understanding what went well and what needs improvement. If you have completed or are planning on completing an AAR for the incident, select Yes. You do not have to be the lead agency completing the AAR to select Yes.


  1. Local emergency management completed an AAR following an evacuation with which MRC volunteers from the local health department assisted.
    • AAR Response: Yes

  2. Local public health has just finished managing an influenza outbreak, in which MRC volunteers assisted as vaccinators. An AAR will likely be done, but it has not yet been completed.
    • AAR Response: Yes

  3. MRC volunteers assisted another volunteer organization with a volunteer reception center. The volunteer organization is not planning on completing an AAR.
    • AAR Response: No

  4. MRC volunteers were requested by the state health department to assist with dispensing tetanus shots following a tornado. You are unsure if the state will complete an AAR.
    • AAR Response: Unsure

UAR Module: Guidance and Instructions

11/24/2014 11:41:57 AM