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Vashon Island MRC ( 515 )

Our group has two iterations, 2002-2008 and 2017-present. We provide care for members of our community in case of any disaster that would overwhelm the resources of the fire department and clinics, and very likely isolate us by interruption of ferry service. We are affiliated with Vashon Island Fire & Rescue, VashonBePrepared non-profit, and report to the local EOC using NIMS. Our group has four teams: Providers, Nursing/Allied Health, Community Care Team (behavioral health) and administration. We have grown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 from 20 members to over 100.

Unit Information:
16512 128th ave sw
PO Box 2386
Vashon Is, WA 98070

Contact Information:
Clayton Olney
12800 SW 248th St
(214) 597-2592
Vashon, WA 98070

Community/Jurisdiction Served:


Vashon ( 98070 )

Jurisdiction Notes :
Vashon is an island in the southern section of Puget Sound. The only access to Vashon is via ferry. In case of a large disaster we would be isolated.

Sponsoring Organization: and Vashon Fire and Rescue


Unit Volunteers (118 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 23
Physician Assistants 1
Nurse Practitioners 15
Nurses 29
Pharmacists 2
Dentists 0
Veterinarians 1
Mental Health Professionals 16
EMS Professionals 5
Respiratory Therapists 0
Other Public Health/Medical 9
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 17

Recent Activities: