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Medical Reserve Corps of Puerto Rico ( 474 )

The Medical Reserve Corps of Puerto Rico (MRCPR) was established on May 30, 2006, attached to the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH). MRCPR primary focus is the recruitment of health professionals to strengthen the PRDOH emergency response. However, the program recruit other citizens to support the logistics functions withing the response operations. The main operational units of MRCPR are: Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Mental Health and EMT-P. During the year, as a requirement of the program, MRCPR offer a Public Health Emergency Preparedness Curriculum, including topics such as: Emergency Plans; Introduction to Strategic National Stockpile; Personal Protective Equipment for Infectious Diseases; Preparedness for Earthquakes and Tsunamis; Psychological First Aid; among others. As part of the validation of knowledge acquired, volunteers participate in drills and excercies.

Unit Information:
Casia Street #2
San Juan, PR 00921

Contact Information:
Francis Galicia-Feliciano
Casia Street #2
Bo. Monacillos
(787) 773-0600
San Juan, PR 00921

Community/Jurisdiction Served:

Jurisdiction Notes :

Sponsoring Organization:
Puerto Rico Department of Health


Unit Volunteers (2887 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 116
Physician Assistants 0
Nurse Practitioners 0
Nurses 411
Pharmacists 26
Dentists 5
Veterinarians 3
Mental Health Professionals 286
EMS Professionals 150
Respiratory Therapists 10
Other Public Health/Medical 303
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 1577

Recent Activities: