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Arizona EMDR Trauma Response Network MRC ( 2528 )

VISION: Mitigating the impact of trauma throughout the communities of Arizona. AzTRN is organized under EMDR HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Program). AzTRN is a part of a National effort to develop a network of local Volunteer Communities of EMDR Professionals dedicated to preventing PTSD and other negative individual, family, and community consequences following emergencies. Within this National framework, Trauma Recovery Networks (TRNs) are locally based, permanent, expandable networks of volunteer EMDR clinicians who are ready to respond, pro-bono with quality intervention. Building a trained, organized and permanent network now means that, in the future, disaster network clinicians will be in place knowing what to do and when to do it. This is especially true in the recovery phase of a disaster, when the natural resiliency has served most people and those remaining with stress symptoms need something stronger than debriefing or extended talk therapy. Licensed mental health professionals who volunteer with AzTRN receive training in the neurobiology of traumatic stress, methods for stabilization and effective post disaster treatment, techniques for working collaboratively with disaster response teams, and Early EMDR Interventions (EEIs) that can be used within hours, days or weeks of a traumatic event. Volunteers agree to improve and refine their knowledge and skills in recent incident and disaster relief protocols through training programs provided by the AzTRN, in four two- day weekend trainings. Following these trainings, volunteers further agree to provide up to 12 hours of pro-bono services per year. AzTRN currently have over 60 volunteers, State-wide, who are receiving training and have agreed to the provision of pro-bono services.

Unit Information:
2563 S. Val Vista Dr. Suite 108
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Contact Information:
Kelly O'Horo
2563 S. Val Vista Dr. Suite 108
(480) 448-1076
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Community/Jurisdiction Served:


Maricopa County

Jurisdiction Notes :
This MRC unit is in support of the Maricopa County area and can assist in support across the state if requested.

Sponsoring Organization:
Arizona Trauma Recovery Network


Unit Volunteers (100 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 0
Physician Assistants 0
Nurse Practitioners 0
Nurses 0
Pharmacists 0
Dentists 0
Veterinarians 0
Mental Health Professionals 100
EMS Professionals 0
Respiratory Therapists 0
Other Public Health/Medical 0
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 0

Recent Activities: