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Number of activities in the last 12 months:   10947
Number of units that added activites in the last month:   155

Five most recent activities
Medical Reserve Corps of Carver County Quarterly Newsletter sent to MRC volunteers
Henrico County MRC (HMRC) MRC Volunteer participated in Henrico's Flu Clinic. The volunteers were also able to assist with Mindy Conklin with the FIT (Fecal immunochemical test ) table for colorectal cancer. We had a few volunteers that assisted with flow of traffic in the clinic area and one volunteer that provided vaccinations.
MRC of Southern Arizona MRCSA coordinates and hosts a workshop on opioid and other prescription drugs. Participants will receive an information packet and a flash drive. The workshop will prepare participants to share important information with community agencies and organizations.
MRC of Southern Arizona MRCSA has an information booth at this community event, now in its 44th year.
Wabasha County Medical Reserve Corps Wabasha County

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