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Number of activities in the last 12 months:   12046
Number of units that added activites in the last month:   107

Five most recent activities
Town of Longmeadow Medical Reserve Corps On March 5, 2020 all local public health units and MRC Units in the County sent representatives for a three-hour table-top exercise coordinated by the County PHEP Planner/County Coordinator of MRC Units; he is based out of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commision, Springfield. Two Health Dept. professional staff members and two additional non-medical volunteers attended. This rraining, planed at least six months agom was particularly important n light of the tcurrentCoronavirus epidemic, It also gave the opportunity to educate our volunteers on current emergency planning efforts and to gain their input on recommended changes to the local EDS Plan..
Town of Longmeadow Medical Reserve Corps This was a MA MRC required quarterly communications drill . Of the 89 volunteers of the Unit at that time, 87 volunteers were contacted; the response rate was 22% within the time limitation of the drill. Notifications/esponse by volunteers were made through both a Town of Longmeadow listserv and through MA Responds electronic portal. There were no communications failtures Frequent drills are necessary to confirm accuracy of contact list. Also, it is usefull to get a realistic appraisal of the response capacity of the unit.
MRC of Southern Arizona In anticipation of release of COVID-19 vaccine and required dispensing sites, MRCSA is proactively providing introductory training for volunteers including: Local and regional planning for mass dispensing, POD Operations - roles and responsibilities POD Operations and Incident Command Open and Closed PODs CDC POD guidance Introduction to Strategic National Stockpile
White County Medical Reserve Corps This was done in the classroom with 9 people. We presented on special populations and discussed the importance of being prepared in different situations. 9 people were reached during this event.
Nassau County MRC MRC members engaged community members to educate them about arboviruses in the area and mosquito breeding habits. Edcuational material inculded ways to mitigate breeding and mosquito torpedoes were provided for use in swails and ditches.

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