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Number of activities in the last 12 months:   14549
Number of units that added activites in the last month:   107

Five most recent activities
Autauga/Prattville Medical Reserve Corps Training Opportunity for volunteers ~ Introduction to Pediatric Response, Mass Sheltering, Functional Access Needs, Pediatric Reunification Considerations...…..This training was sent out to members that would like to attend.
Autauga/Prattville Medical Reserve Corps Opportunity Training ~ (RDPC MGT - 403) Training posted for those volunteers that would like to attend. Topics: Partnerships Community Considerations Individual Considerations Care Provider Considerations Tabletop Activity
MRC of Southern Arizona MRCSA partners with ICSAVE to provide Stop the Bleed training to MRCSA members and the community.
Calcasieu Medical Reserve Corps 2 CMRC volunteers took the ICS-400 course at the office of OEP/Homeland Security in Lake Charles, LA. Both volunteers attended and were certified for ICS-400: Advanced ICS Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents. This course provides training and resources for personnel who require advanced application of ICS. The course also expands upon information covered in ICS-100 through ICS-300. It is designed for those emergency response personnel who would function as part of an Area Command, Emergency Operations Center, or Multiagency Coordination System during a large, complex incident or event or those personnel who are or would likely be part of a local or regional Incident Management Team during a major incident, whether single agency, multiagency or Unified Command. All of these courses are beneficial to help you better understand how to operate properly during an emergency or disaster.
Upper Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator will participate in a MA statewide MRC steering committee to support general program issues, and go from there to serving as a panelist for a regional AAR. The discussion will include the perspective of the local MRCs that responded to the gas explosions deployment in September. Coordinator also continues to serve on a 'Dementia-Friendly Westford' subcommittee, as well as the NACCHO Surge Mgt. Workgroup.

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