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Contacting and Starting an MRC Unit

There is not a local MRC unit in my community. How do I start one?

MRC units can be started in communities that do not have one, and because each community is different, its approach to establishing an MRC unit will be different as well. To establish an MRC unit, you must first contact the MRC Regional Liaison for your state.

What do I do to join an MRC unit?

To join an MRC unit, contact the MRC unit in the preferred location (see the list of registered MRC units).

What are the registration criteria to become an MRC unit?

The MRC Program is committed to helping establish a strong, viable national network of local MRC units. In order to be approved for initial registration, and to continue that registration status, MRC units must continually meet the unit registration criteria outlined below. These registration criteria encompass the basic and fundamental principles necessary to successfully implement and administer an MRC. These criteria serve as a baseline that allows the MRC Program to monitor and evaluate initial and ongoing efforts of individual MRC units.

7/11/2019 3:09:50 PM