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Joint Letter of Agreement: American Red Cross and the MRC

In 2017, the MRC Program Office and the American National Red Cross finalized an updated joint Letter of Agreement (LOA). This LOA helps to establish a formal partnership between our two organizations and provides a structure for collaboration as we work together to better prepare our communities to withstand and recover from disasters.

As you know, the missions of the MRC and Red Cross are complementary, and we have a long history of successful joint responses to natural disasters, as well as steady state training events and public health initiatives. A strong partnership between our two organizations brings value to our communities and strengthens our collective ability to make a difference in times of need.

The national leadership for both organizations understands – and expects – that the specific ways in which local Red Cross chapters and MRC units choose to implement this partnership may vary across the country. To assist in your efforts in determining what level of interaction and activities may be appropriate for your unit, we have also developed a Partnership Implementation Plan. The plan includes information on how to connect locally, ideas for engagement activities, types of collaboration, activation information, and more.

A special thank you to the MRC Program and American Red Cross staff who worked together on these partnership documents, and to the local Red Cross chapters and MRC units who shared valuable feedback and insight. This was truly a collaborative effort and testament to our partnership and shared mission.

Webinar: The MRC Program Office and the American Red Cross hosted a joint webinar in June 2017 to discuss the LOA and Implementation Plan in detail and share ideas and best practices from local MRC units and Red Cross chapters. Click here to review the archived webinar.

7/11/2019 3:55:45 PM