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Zika Outreach Materials

Heightened focus on Zika virus has increased visibility of the Medical Reserve Corps and what units can and have been doing to support and prepare for a public health response. We would like to continue to encourage MRC units’ participation in Zika activities and support your efforts to highlight these activities to your community partners and stakeholders. We hope the following marketing and outreach materials that we developed with the support of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response will assist you in your efforts.

  • The Zika Outreach Guide (PDF-340 KB) offers MRC leaders a document to use or share that offers a range of activities that other MRC units have or could conduct in response to Zika.
  • The Zika Flyer (PDF-555 KB) can be shared with your communities, partners, and others to highlight how your MRC can support Zika.
  • The Promotion of Zika Activities Form (PDF-437 KB) allows MRC leaders to submit an advance request for local media to attend Zika activities being held in your communities.

8/17/2016 11:37:30 AM