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Until Help Arrives

You Are the Help Until Help Arrives (Until Help Arrives) is a program designed to educate and empower the public to take action in emergency situations and provide lifesaving care before professional help arrives. There are three main training tools available as part of the Until Help Arrives program - all available online at

  • Interactive video: Viewers have the opportunity to make lifesaving decisions for injured amusement park patrons.
  • Web-based training: A 25-minute, online, video tutorial explaining the steps people can take to help someone with life-threatening injuries.
  • Instructor-led curriculum: Materials, including videos and activities, for a hands-on, instructor-led course covers five topics in depth.

MRC’s Role Promoting Until Help Arrives in Local Communities
The MRC plays a critical role in promoting the Until Help Arrives program and educating the public in communities nationwide. We invite MRC units to share the Until Help Arrives training resources widely within your local networks. And we encourage you to host instructor-led trainings with MRC volunteers and/or the general public in your community. To foster community engagement, you may also want to post your events/trainings on FEMA’s Prepareathon Event Calendar

To help MRC units promote the Until Help Arrives program, please see the below resources:

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