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2017 Hurricane Season Reports


The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season produced 17 named storms of which 10 became hurricanes, including six major hurricanes (Category 3, 4, or 5). Three of those major hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. and its territories – Harvey, Irma, and Maria – affecting roughly 25.8 million people.1

Federal, territory, state, and local government and non-governmental partners worked tirelessly to prepare for, respond to, and recover from the storms. Approximately 100 Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units in nearly all regions of the country stepped forward to assist in these efforts.

Key MRC preparedness and response activities included, but were not limited to:

  • Behavioral health, medical, supportive care at shelters and clinics
  • Dialysis support
  • Veterinary transport and care
  • Support services to call centers and reception/evacuation centers
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) support
  • Emergency communications support
  • Patient movement support
  • Commodity distribution support operations (e.g., water, food, mosquito repellant)
  • Community education and outreach (e.g., vector control, sanitation, hand hygiene)
  • Evacuee support (e.g., disaster assistance services center support)
  • Recovery support (e.g., disaster case management; first responder vaccinations; donations management)

To highlight all MRC unit hurricane-related activities in detail, the MRC Program staff has compiled the following four hurricane reports: (1) Hurricane Season – MRC Activity Overview; (2) Hurricane Harvey – MRC Unit Activities; (3) Hurricane Irma – MRC Unit Activities; (4) Hurricane Maria – MRC Unit Activities.

To gather data for these reports, staff compiled and reviewed all self-reported MRC unit activities for the period of August 24, 2017 – March 31, 2018. It is important to note that at the time of writing these reports, units are still engaged in recovery activities and those activities may not yet be captured. It is the intent of these reports to give an overview of the MRC network’s actions during the peak activity of these hurricane events. Due to the local nature of the MRC, a true accounting of all of the events and activities is difficult at the Federal level.

2017 Hurricane Season Overview

# of MRC Units # of MRC Volunteers2 # of MRC Activities # of Volunteer Service Hours Estimated Total Economic Value
100 5,069 231 106,354 $3,995,630

1Information for this summary narrative was extracted from data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

2 The tally for volunteers listed in this table may not necessarily reflect a unique individual volunteer count. For example, an MRC volunteer who participated in multiple response activities with his/her unit would be counted separately in each activity.

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