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Lead with Strength

Leaders of local Medical Reserve Corps units engage volunteers to strengthen public health, emergency response and community resiliency. Through their stewardship, MRC units participate in a variety of activities that positively impact their communities. Each community is different, with varying day-to-day public health, preparedness, and response needs to support. This is why the role of MRC Director or Coordinator is so important. MRC Leaders understand their community, as well as the resources within the unit they lead.

Lead with a Team, for a Team

Medical Reserve Corps Leaders work with partners, such as local health departments, emergency response, schools, police and fire departments, hospitals, and others to integrate their volunteers in community activities and responses, as well as recruit and retain medical, public health, and other volunteers who can best fill the gaps in service in their local community. MRC Directors and Coordinators are able to keenly match their volunteers' skills and availability with local needs public health initiatives and emergency response activities, making wise use of their volunteers' capabilities and time.

Lead with Passion

Those in leadership roles within the MRC range from 100% volunteers to full-time, paid positions. The variance in time commitment and salary does not change a Leader's level of passion or drive to see successful MRC programs. Leaders actively participate on MRC listservs, in national, regional and state conferences, present on public health and preparedness topics to their communities, recruit volunteers, develop trainings, host public health initiatives, oversee local activations of volunteers, and conduct administrative and other tasks to promote the MRC and sustain their unit locally. MRC Leaders, through their commitment and hard work, orchestrate local units that together have an impact on the health, safety, and resiliency of the nation.

Lead with Knowledge

For information on starting, building, or sustaining a unit, this section of the Web site offers resources and tools to assist Leaders. The links to the left will lead you through guidance documents, step-by-step instructions, and connections with partners. These resources also provide Directors and Coordinators are provided with ways to grow awareness for the MRC brand, strengthen public health, respond quickly and effectively in emergent situations, and build more resilient communities.

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