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Guidance on Activity Reporting

Unit Activity
Reporting Guidance
and Instructions
(PDF - 179KB)

Please provide information about your unit's activities. We want to hear about everything - from how you develop and administer your unit, to how it is involved in public health and preparedness initiatives, and what your volunteers did in response to an emergency event. Information about the five most recent activities will be visible to current and prospective volunteers and partners on your MRC unit profile. Additionally, the MRC Program uses activity information in reports, newsletters, briefings and presentations to inform senior leaders and stakeholders about the breadth and scope of MRC unit activities. By providing meaningful and detailed reports of your activities, you help to increase the strength of the entire MRC network.

The Unit Activity Module differentiates between emergency response incidents and non-emergency/public health events. The module’s report builder format asks you to answer one question at a time; your answers are in “draft” until you submit it at the very end of the activity reporting process. It asks for the date(s) of the activity, a description/impact of the activity, the mission or impact (depending on whether the activity is an emergency response incident or a non-emergency public health event), and information related to the number of hours of volunteers’ service to the community. Some additional subjective questions are asked at the end of the emergency response incident module.

If you have any questions while completing the activity reporting module, assistance is available by clicking on the information icon (a blue button with a white “I”). For additional assistance, please contact your MRC Regional Liaison or send a message to the MRC Program at

UAR Module: Emergency Response Module
Guidance and Instructions

UAR Module: Non-Emergency/Public Health Event Module
Guidance and Instructions

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